Sunday, November 11, 2012

Scavenger Hunt – Week #16


Unfortunately, this week's schedule did not allow time for hunting and photographing our Scavenger Hunt topic.  Fortunately, I found a few recent images in my photo library that fit the topic!

The image posted above was taken in Saratoga Springs this past July during a “street photography” shoot with my photo group.  My friend, Steve, was the first to spot this photo op.  We moved closer to the stranger, and pretended to fiddle with our cameras while surreptitiously shooting our subject.  Steve captured a terrific image of the “sunglasses” lady!

I used my long lens and zoomed across the street to capture this scene of strangers:
Remember my trip to D.C. in May?  There was a whole stadium of strangers at the Washington Nationals baseball game!


Linda said...

Great shots, Trish. Great bw group shot.

Sporting events are fantastic venues for photography because everyone is paying attention to the action and you can shoot away without anyone giving it a second thought. I love the expressions on the 4 guys sitting to the lower right of the standing guy in your last image.

Marty said...

Wasn't sure you would have a post this week because of being without a computer!

Framing Images and Memories said...

I like the scavenger hunt because it allows us to 'hunt' through our archives to find photos that work. These certainly work for the assignment. Nice job!